Thursday, April 22 / 15:04 PM - 15:04 PM   •   Kungstenen

Session 44:
Rural to urban migration 2

Chair: Hill Kulu, University of Liverpool

  1. Internal migration and socio-economic changes in rural China Sandra Constantin, University of Geneva;

  2. Cohort effect or structural effect: triple disadvantages of young rural migrants in economic integration into the host society in China Juhua Yang, Renmin University of China;

  3. Village political economy, land tenure insecurity and the rural to urban migration decision: evidence from China John T. Giles, World Bank Group; Ren Mu, Texas A&M University;

  4. Specific aspects and dynamics of internal migration in Russia Marina N. Khramova, Higher School of Economics, Moscow;

  5. The changing pattern of internal migration in India: issues and challenges Sandhya Rani Mahapatro, Institute for Social and Economic Change;

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