Sunday, January 26 / 7:56 AM - 7:56 AM   •   Mimer

Session 31:
Immigrant religion and integration across Europe

Chair: Phillip Connor, Pew Research Center

  1. Intermarriage attitudes among minority and majority groups in western Europe: the role of attachment to the religious in-group Sarah Carol, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fuer Sozialforschung;

  2. Patterns of religiosity among new Turkish and Polish immigrants in Germany Claudia Diehl, University of Göttingen; Matthias Koenig, University of Göttingen;

  3. The intergenerational transmission of religiosity among Muslim families in four European countries Frank Kalter, University of Mannheim; Konstanze Jacob, University of Mannheim;

  4. A comparison of majority and minority religiosity across Europe Ayse Güveli, University of Essex; Lucinda Platt, University of London;

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