Regional dynamics of population ageing in Greece, 1981-2001

Michail Agorastakis, University of Thessaly
Michou Zaharoula, University of Thessaly

The aim of this paper is to study the level and dynamics of demographic ageing among 51 Greek departments over three points in time 1981, 1991 and 2001; last three census years, before 2011. We chose the beginning of the 80s as starting point, since Greece, at least at national level, entered a period of falling, below-replacement level, fertility accompanied by low overall mortality, which both continue up to nowadays. Our analysis focus on the shifts of age distribution towards older ages and a typology (through statistical clustering) of relative size age-sex population structures (i.e. percent population pyramids), is derived per census year. Based on these profiles (clusters) we, firstly, study the level and variations of demographic aging within each census year and secondly, we focus on the dynamics by analyzing trends and taking into account similar or different pathways (stability or shifting) of population ageing type (cluster) membership.

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