A male imposition contraceptive method: withdrawal use in Turkey

Ilknur Yuksel, Hacettepe University
Dilek Yildiz, Hacettepe University

The determinants of withdrawal use in Turkey are analyzed using the data of Turkey Demographic and Health Survey 2008. The prevalence of withdrawal use as a traditional contraceptive method is 26.3 percent. It is seen that, males are the principal decision makers of withdrawal use. Women’s age, education level, method decision maker and desire for more children are the main factors for choosing the method. The findings of this study indicate that the decision of contraceptive use is mainly made by males. Women’s empowerment, that gives the opportunity to provide equality between women and men for reproductive health and reproductive rights, is also emphasized. Furthermore, in Turkey as a country where male participation is sufficient in case of traditional methods, family planning programs may be organized according to the needs of women and men instead of dichotomous modern/traditional contraceptives are suggested.

Presented in Poster Session 1